Your challenge

You must ensure that your company information is stored securely in your data system. Especially now that information is becoming more and more valuable.
Your system must be well secured, but you do not have sufficient knowledge to be able to assess it properly. At the same time you want to prevent employees from recklessly handling company information. For example, they send company information to private mail, store it in an unsecured environment or they do not change their passwords.

Our solution

We believe that your data system must be safe. And that employees contribute to protecting company information. From our technical background we look for opportunities to improve the system. And we ensure awareness among employees through training and clear company regulations on this theme.

Why Datacommit?

  • Result-oriented and searching for short and long term solutions
  • Safety comes first. The protection of the data system should never be compromised
  • With collaboration we come to the best solutions
  • From policy to practice. At and for all levels in the organization
  • We would like to share our enthusiasm with everyone we work with