The Datacommit approach

We work from three roles:

  • The business consultant provides well-founded advice for improvement opportunities in preparation for a project.
  • The project manager takes care of the preparation and execution of a plan of action during a project.
  • The business coach ensures follow-up and control after a project.


1. Before a project

“The business consultant ANALYSES AND ADVISES.”

Quick scan
We become acquainted and determine what the current status quo is. We do a quick scan to determine which area (s) are improvement opportunities.

Bottleneck analysis
In the bottleneck analysis we investigate the data management in your organization on the 3 themes; data performance, data processing and data protection. We identify bottlenecks with the help of interviews and the investigation of systems and procedures.

Improvement advice
You receive a substantiated advice about the possibilities for improving your data management. We present the different alternatives with the advantages and disadvantages in revenues and costs. Examples of improvement options are software adaptation, new packages, automation options, better procedure descriptions, other processes, training people, and so on.


2. During the project

“The project manager EXECUTES.”

Project definition
The project manager describes the desired situation (in a requirements and wishes package) and the steps to be taken to get there.

Project plan
In the project plan we describe everything that is needed to make the project succeed. Agreements are made about objectives, approach, phasing, delivery moments, test approach, time, staffing, dependencies, risks and mitigation, budget, parts to be delivered, acceptance criteria and use of resources.

Project management
Datacommit ensures that the project plan is executed and the project meets the set requirements. We inform the management about the progress and adjust if necessary. Usually the agile SCRUM method is applied and the project manager acts as a product owner or as a scrum master.

If necessary, carry out subprojects and provide substantive support
We can also carry out part of the process in terms of content. Such as describing procedures, writing a policy plan from concept to final agreement.


3. At the end of a project or ad hoc

“The business coach DIRECTS.”

Datacommit can assess at predetermined moments to what extent the processes and procedures are correctly executed and if necessary, tighten, adjust or suggest improvements.

Awareness training
In our training courses, we ensure that employees continue to consciously deal with (sensitive) data. With humor and confrontation we ensure that your employees stay sharp.